Flower Progression

I missed National Orchid Day but I haven’t been unaware of flowers. In particular, there is a blooming succulent on the porch railing.  I first noticed a change in the almost spherical arrangement of leaves above the rim of the clay pot. It seemed that an alien was projecting a periscope to see what was […]

Fantasy on Impossible Petals and Pointy Leaves

The previous few watercolors (Yellow Succulent Flowers, Again, Into the Breech, Yellow Flower – Final) of the dreaded yellow-flowered succulent had an element that was very difficult for me to draw, and ultimately paint. That element was one particular petal that arose from the center of the flower, curled up and furled into another ‘S’ […]

Again, Into The Breech

Before describing today’s effort, I want to show you my shading study: I picked the unripened fig from the tree and placed it on the patio table. I correctly rendered the shape of the fruit and the shadow, but I don’t think I got the texture right. I showed this study to my wife, Joy. She […]


Today’s watercolor experiment: The next step in You Can Paint Vibrant Watercolors in Twelve Easy Lessons by Yuko Nagayama is painting grapes and mangos. The only grapes I had were very good, but I ate them and I didn’t have a mango. A few days ago, I bought my wife a hydrangea that had very dramatic coloring. I thought […]

Make Believe-ish Flower

Today’s watercolor experiment: I am working on another painting of a real flower, taking my time because it is for a special occasion.  However I took the opportunity today, to be carefree about my brushstrokes and my composition. Process: I wet the entire paper before I applied any pigment. I used to do this quite […]

Rainbow Flower

A few weeks ago I took a picture of a red hibiscus flower on the short walk from the driveway to our front door. I always do that – take pictures of something that strikes my eye. Usually a brilliant color or subtle design attracts my attention. That day, I had an additional unexpected pleasure: lens […]

Slight Road Trip

We attended a ‘celebration of life’ today. It was sad for those who knew the man that died, one of Joy’s cousin’s exes. Everyone was supposed to come in casual attire; he was a surfer – until the very end. His last heart attack was on his surf board. I met the man once or twice […]

Addition to Simple Flower

Yesterday’s experiment was to paint a simple pink flower. When I took the picture, I noticed that the leaf was equally as stunning in its almost black-and-white coloration. Today’s experiment I decided that I would like to add that leaf to the pink flower. Here is the photo of the entire leaf: But a second photo shows the […]

So Simple, and Yet…

Easter Lily I couldn’t resist taking a photograph of the Easter lily on the kitchen table. My only disappointment was that I couldn’t get close enough with my phone – I mean camera. This is the shot I liked: Looks simple and delicate. Today’s experiment It looked like it would be so simple to paint. The […]