Woman and Dog

This pen and ink sketch was a little more controlled than yesterday’s. I’m working on making even colored pencil strokes as filler to the shapes that make up the figures. I applied more pressure for the areas in shadow. Mixing of colors is on the menu for upcoming sketches.

Lines Part 1

I never realized that Leonardo DaVinci (L) and Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (aka Michelangelo (M)) knew each other. They didn’t get along too well, apparently. From what I’ve read, I would rather have known Leonardo. He was so curious about everything. Michelangelo was more competitive and a bit of a snarky fellow.* L and […]

Burl Texture

Most people can identify burl in veneers. In these thin wooden slices, the burl are manifested as intricate round patterns. Burl found in the wild are bulgy wooden growths on the bark of trees. My study below is an examination of the texture of a collection of these growths. I used a thin fiber-nibbed pen […]

Pen and Ink Practice

I drew a free form design today, with one shape eclipsing the others. I inked in a maze-line design in this forward most form. Within the divisions of the other forms I used different pen strokes. Each type of stroke produced a different effect. Some surfaces became concave, some convex. The surfaces that remained flat […]

Shading Solids

This began as a study in shading. I drew two circles, and (curved) tangents that met at two separate vanishing points. I intended these two triangular constructions to be the sources of light for each of the circles. I shaded the first circle beginning with dark on the outside gradually becoming white in the center; the other I […]

Importance of Shading Practice

I drew the curves first in the study below. Somehow they reminded me of part of a leg bone near the joint.  It was only natural to insert the ‘ball’ part of the ‘ball and socket’ joint, to complete the idea. The design came out fine, only it wasn’t exactly the picture I had in […]