Dot Crazy

Watercolor/ink experiment: I painted the conglomeration of dots you see below, a couple of days ago, in the midst of my ink dot exploration craze – I mean, phase. In this composition I washed the paper with Prussian blue and cadmium yellow pale before dotting. I used a combination of drawing and calligraphy inks on […]

Dot Matrix

Today’s watercolor experiment:  I practiced a bit more with inks on watercolor paper today. The grid I drew was to be the framework for a series of drips. Although I was careful in my draftsmanship, I threw caution to the wind after flooding the entire rough-surfaced paper with water. My first drip, burnt sienna (I was mistaken yesterday […]


Today’s watercolor experiment: In my recent watercolor experiments (Autumn Sky, Discontinuous Bird of Paradise, Amorphia), I wet the paper and painted fields of color. I dripped clear water into these fields and watched as it chased the color away leaving a starburst of white. Today I performed the inverse of this procedure. I wet the […]