Sketch Book Series: Back Yard (September 2011)

When I lived in San Jose, I would often practice sketching on the back porch. Many of my sketches were of the same subject. I used different techniques to figure out which gave me the result that I wanted.

Sketch Book Series: Palo Alto (February 2011)

This sketch was one of my first experiments sketching beyond the middle fold of the sketch book. The book’s vertical format gave me more room to sketch.

Sketch Book Series: From Front Yard (2010)

I was still not confident enough to draw with pen and ink exclusively. I needed to sketch with pencil first. In a way using a pencil sketch first was like using training wheels when learning to ride a bicycle.

Sketch of Giant Clouds Dwarfing the Landscape

I thought I could do justice to the photo I took the other day (Giant Clouds Dwarfing the Landscape) with a pencil sketch. The middle ground of the sketch came out the best. I captured the contrast between the white fluffy clouds in front of the gray face of the huge cloud. The gray clouds […]