Fig Season Opens

Fig Tree Drawing Season, that is… (past attempts may be seen here: Vintage Fig Tree, Fallen Fig Leaves, Abstract Fig Leaf, Screened Fig Tree) It is too tempting to pass up. When I go get my morning coffee, the light is just right on the fig tree. The branches are dark and it seems that […]

Leaves in the Rain

Today’s watercolor experiment: I love to take photographs of objects that catch my eye, as I mentioned the other day. However, sometimes I can’t resist an entire scene, uniformly lit. It’s been rainy and overcast here for the past few days. Overcast light is wonderful, as it seems to come from everywhere.  Today’s photograph is […]

Fall Fig Leaves

The sun glints off the yellow and green fig leaves in our back yard every morning for the past couple of weeks. Every morning, they are so striking that I want to take a picture of them. It is the same view every day, but I still want to capture it each time I see it. Sometimes […]


In maximal contrast to yesterday’s experiment, with nary a pen or ink mark, today’s presentation is all about detail. The following pen and ink sketch was done shortly after I moved to California. When I wasn’t looking for work, I would sit on the back porch, sketching. Back then, I suppose I had a lot […]

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