Blue Dress, Red Tables

I’m new to this city in all respects. I don’t want to attract attention.  When I made photos in NYC, I primarily used my camera. I knew I was a photographer and so did the people who noticed me.  I don’t feel like a photographer when I take pictures with my phone. I one sense […]

Man with Watch, Thinking

I like this guy. This sketch is a mixture of blind drawing and sighted drawing. The contour of the head was done in the ‘blind fashion’, trying to get my pen point to follow my eyes as I scanned the outline.


In today’s watercolor experiment, instead of my usual sweeping brushstrokes, I took a page out of my grandson, Will’s book. To him, a paint brush was something to stab at the paper, stab and push the bristles forward into the paper. I stabbed, using a 1/2 inch Hake brush, first with Prussian blue and again, with […]

Cloudy Sunset

I love sunsets and clouds. I paint sunsets fairly well, but clouds present a problem.  Today, the sky was changeable. There were clouds of all kinds. Dark clouds provided a background for diaphanous white/yellow wisps. There were high altitude clouds looking down on their more photogenic cousins. I took a photograph of a portion of the […]

Watercolor Print

I’m back at home, a bit tired from the drive, but looking forward to painting. Today’s watercolor experiment: I took a peek at the next lesson in the Tate Watercolour Manual, Lessons from the Great Masters by Tony Smibert and Joyce Townsend, the book I am currently using to improve my technique. I did not read the instructions in […]

Lesson 6 – Painting without Paint Brushes

Today’s warmup exercise: The title of the exercise I tried from the Tate Watercolour Manual, Lessons from the Great Masters by Tony Smibert and Joyce Townsend was ‘Spatter and other marks’.  It prompts the students to use a toothbrush to shpritz watercolors onto the panels of the test chart.  After spattering different colors, the book suggested using […]

Dot Dragon

Today’s watercolor experiment: I’ve been a little frustrated with dots lately (Reticulations, Dot Matrix). I do admit, it is fun watching them disperse and make tiny little patterns (the drawing inks, that is). The calligraphy inks are a different story. They just spread out without a pattern at all. It is as if they want […]