Mike-Related Watercolor: About to Hold Hands (2014)

I captured the image of Mike‘s hand reaching for mine. The photograph shows that Mike seems to be smiling. These are the moments with my older brother that I treasure.

New Series: Mike-Related Watercolors: Mike Looking at Me, Other Eye Clouded

I begin this series with watercolors I painted of my brother Michael along with their reference photographs. Through this collection, I return to the mission of this blog (as it began, in 2013), which was to explore my relationship with my older autistic brother. Mike is autistic, low functioning and nonverbal. Today, Mike is on […]

Sketch of Giant Clouds Dwarfing the Landscape

I thought I could do justice to the photo I took the other day (Giant Clouds Dwarfing the Landscape) with a pencil sketch. The middle ground of the sketch came out the best. I captured the contrast between the white fluffy clouds in front of the gray face of the huge cloud. The gray clouds […]

Construction: Will’s Clock Tower

As promised, today’s post features my grandson Will’s construction of the Hillsdale Clock Tower, whose clock was stopped by a bolt of lightning at 10:04 PM, that stormy night in 1955. Below is a photo that details the bell, spire and clock face. Will fashioned the brass bell from the mortar part of an old […]

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