Japanese Garden

There were so many trees, each of them different: different kinds of leaves, different tones, different shadings. The sketch below is a meditation. I could have worked on it all day. The overcast lighting would not have changed the shadowing that much. I have a photograph of this scene, so I can get back to […]

Leaf or Trees?

The work of Richard Diebenkorn was in the back of my mind today. I have been reading about his Ocean Park series. Everything about my paintings is different than his. He worked in oils, I work in watercolor; he worked on canvases on the order of 8×10 feet, I work on paper of 9×12 inches; […]

Cool of the Forest

I happened upon a technique of growing watercolor ‘trees’ by allowing earth-tone pigments drip into a pre-wetted section of paper. My first efforts (Landscape, Fiery Landscape, Rocky Landscape, Trees Around the World, Trees for Flat-Earthers) were fantasies. Yesterday’s post was not about creating trees, but rather about composition and layering. I took the same tack today. Individual trees were even […]