Red Head in the Rain

I began this study with free form strokes of my liquid latex frisket. The frisket resists watercolors and leaves paper white when removed. The frisket also does not allow permanent marker traces to bleed through. I used markers to cross hatch the area around the dried liquid latex, so the areas would be accentuated. Then I […]

It’s a Jungle Out There

There’s a lot going on in the painting below. I first drew a free-form design in pencil and continued it with masking fluid. I used this fluid to fill in some of the shapes that were formed by the overlapping pencil work. I started with Payne’s gray and washed a portion of the top of […]

Abstract – Summertime

I combined free-form pen and ink curves with negative-space lines that I drew with masking fluid. The term ‘negative-space line’ seems oxymoronic, since a line has virtually no width dimension. I define ‘space’ on a two-dimensional surface as a bounded shape. I used the inked lines to form the edges of color fields. The white […]

Abstract 070917

I begin many of my compositions lately by applying thin beads of frisket, a masking fluid, which can be painted over after it is dry. After the paint is dried, the frisket is removed, revealing the white of the paper. Frisket lines become white lines. I did not have a figuration in mind when I […]


With today’s composition, I’ve reached the limit of my frisket-and-shake technique, at least for regular patterns (see Netted). The graph-like overlay on the painted area resulted from shaking the liquid masking (frisket) that I applied in closely-spaced parallel lines. The design includes some very dark areas. A bit of overspill from my ink bottle, poured […]


I drew narrow traces of masking fluid with a wide-gage hollow applicator. The gage wasn’t narrow enough to allow a smooth outflow. The fluid bunched up and formed a bead at regular intervals across the page. Once I shook the paper at 90 degrees to the direction of the parallel lines, the beads turned into […]

Robots in Love

Today’s composition began with a latex masking (frisket) design. I complied with my practice of the past few compositions, of  shaking my paper while the frisket was still wet, causing it to streak.  I dripped ink onto the paper in different places and blended those spots with watercolors. I continually inspect the image that arises […]

City Skeleton

I like working with the thin applications of masking frisket. The curved trajectory of the traces form regular beads of fluid, which become the source of intersections, when I jostle the paper from side to side. After my frisket network dried, I dripped ink into its midst. I used sepia and blue inks. They mixed […]

Portrait – Sneeze

I began today with an application of liquid frisket. I’ve been working to perfect the fine traces. I usually draw curves with my small-aperture frisket applicator. Then I jar the watercolor block horizontally in different directions to displace the masking fluid. (In the post Double Exposure, some of the jarring motions created the appearance of […]

Double Exposure

I painted today’s watercolor in two stages. First I applied my masking frisket. This fluid is thin and I was able to drip it on the paper through a narrow tube. After some drips, curves and squiggles, I let it dry. I painted yellow first, then red and Prussian blue inside some of the circular […]