With today’s composition, I’ve reached the limit of my frisket-and-shake technique, at least for regular patterns (see Netted). The graph-like overlay on the painted area resulted from shaking the liquid masking (frisket) that I applied in closely-spaced parallel lines. The design includes some very dark areas. A bit of overspill from my ink bottle, poured […]

Abstract in Ink and Watercolor

For this layered abstract, I used ink and latex frisket. I applied the mask over some of the painted areas. Fortunately, the paint stayed in place when I removed the dried resist material. I outlined some of the latex traces with ink, since I wasn’t sure if the subsequent washes would provide enough contrast to show […]

Crowd Source Art – Final

It was a long day. Just got back to the kid’s house after a grueling day of fun at Disneyland and more than an hour after I normally post. I thought I’d share my final artistic decisions regarding my crowd-sourced art project I began a couple of posts ago (Crowd-Sourced Art). I took many of your […]

Stems – Abstract

Today’s watercolor experiment: I began with ink today. I painted yellow ink with a brush to create the form at the top of the paper. Then I added red calligraphy ink, hoping to make an orange color. I did the same with the shapes above and below the first long shape. After applying the ink, I […]


Today’s watercolor experiment: Today’s watercolor sketch is called Abstract 9214 because, unlike other my other nonrepresentational studies, the blots, glazes and latex-resist-formed shapes did not bring any coherent idea to mind.  Maybe it was just an off day. Process: I began by pouring masking fluid on the paper. After drying, I wet the entire paper […]

Fishing Again

I got up at 3:15 AM to go fishing, today. I took a dramamine before bedtime, hoping that it would give me a good start on not being sea sick. I had planned to take another before we went out. I’ll have to talk with my sister-in-law about what was in them besides the dramamine […]

Progress – Hand Atlas

I was hoping to have a chart-like presentation of different hand positions typically displayed by my autistic brother, ready for today’s post. However, I ran into some problems. Stage 1 – latex masking fluid Did you ever try drawing with a glob of liquid rubber at the end of a brush handle? It’s even harder […]