One’s a Crowd… So Far

In a previous post, I displayed the beginning stage of one of my abstracts, hoping that I would get some ideas from you, dear readers.  I am very gratified by all the ‘likes’. Thank you all! I would like to get some suggestions, though. It is difficult to describe in words, imagined visual flourishes to a skeleton of another’s artwork. I’m sure that was the problem for most of you. Alas, I have not figured out how one might allow editing of artwork on this site.  Absent that, words will have to suffice.

Today’s watercolor experiment:

Today I proceeded with another step of my ‘want-to-be’ crowd-sourced art. In between the frisket masking, I painted mostly even-toned fields of color. I left them as pastel shades. As such, they comprise an underpainting.

Watercolor: Abstract - Second Stage of Crowd Sourced Project

Crowd Sourced – Progress
12″x16″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

Here are four views of the work at this stage, each rotated 90 degrees from the previous view.

Four Views of Crowd Sourced #2

Four Rotations

I would love to get some ideas as to how to proceed from here.  Thank you for your thoughts.

10 thoughts on “One’s a Crowd… So Far

  1. My brain understands they symmetry of A, the best. Immediately, I see a map of a neighborhood and one tree.:0) Even though there is only one tree, yellow tells me it is a happy neighborhood. This is what comes without me thinking about it. The other views, leave me blank. I know that’s me. Others will see it differently.


    • Interesting. Another thing to consider: the blue borders around the color fields, is latex masking. When it is removed, it will reveal the white of the paper. In previous compositions, I have used ink or watercolors to color these areas, sometimes I leave it alone. Any other thoughts? What else could be added to the ‘neighborhood’ and the tree?
      Thank you for your comment!


      • I don’t like telling you what to do, only what I see.:0)I’ve taught art to children in the past so, that is my style …:0) I forgot to mention that I also, see a light post near the tree. I’m trying to envision the grey roads as white and I wonder if I will still interpret them as roads when the tape is removed. I respond strongly, to color and probably spend more time than one could imagine, thinking about color. Grey is highly reflective, like a mirror. It borrows beauty from all around itself. It can change suddenly, with the light, as a road changes suddenly, toward a new destination. White is snow, a blank page, purity, the heart of a bright light. Those are my thoughts now, surprise me!:0)

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  2. I like the A version the better. It has a stability, compositionally, that I don’t find in the others. I already enjoy the result so I don’t know where to take it from here. Maybe working a little more with the complementary colour.


  3. We each of us practice in our own uncommon manner. The practice is very important. Not many who practice leave a systematic trail of breadcrumbs, illustrating especially their practice and their thoughts upon their practice. You are gifted at encouraging practicable dialog.

    When I lived in Paris, I was asked, sometimes, if I wanted to assist in the painting of another artist’s picture. Oils, with which I have no experience. Paintings only of sky and what naturally occurs in and fills sky. In this instance there seemed nothing unusual to me about being a co-painter.

    That was long ago. This morning, I have been reading your practice journal back from 25 July to the point I left off reading from the beginning. Thank you for carefully and transparently documenting your process of practice and discovery. This is a sustaining gift for others.

    After all, you asked for suggestions. This is mine: “Keep up the good work. Being yourself and doing what makes you happy brings out inspiring qualities in you. This, in turn, will continue to feed the well of your inspiration. Like grist, polishing the mirror of the soul, I believe your good work will bring to you everything else.” – THGg


    • Great to hear from you again, THGg! I appreciate your kind words very much. Your encouragement is particularly apt at this very moment, as I am at low ebb, trying to fit in somewhere that is a bit out of my element: the whole square peg in a round hole metaphor… It is very nice to know that the tracings I am leaving on the internet have some value. Your encouragement is just what I need at this point. Thank you again, my friend.
      all the best,


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