Abstract 070917

I begin many of my compositions lately by applying thin beads of frisket, a masking fluid, which can be painted over after it is dry. After the paint is dried, the frisket is removed, revealing the white of the paper. Frisket lines become white lines. I did not have a figuration in mind when I […]

Portrait – Sneeze

I began today with an application of liquid frisket. I’ve been working to perfect the fine traces. I usually draw curves with my small-aperture frisket applicator. Then I jar the watercolor block horizontally in different directions to displace the masking fluid. (In the post Double Exposure, some of the jarring motions created the appearance of […]

The Dancer

I began with thin applications of liquid latex masking fluid. Before I knew it, I had covered the entire sheet of watercolor paper with lines and beads of latex. After it dried, I divided the paper, coloring the top portion with Prussian blue  and the bottom with quinacridone burnt orange. I wanted to them to merge […]

Cosmic Chicken

Today’s watercolor experiment: I began today’s experiment by applying frisket to my watercolor paper. Frisket, also known as masking fluid or ‘drawing gum’ prevents watercolors from being absorbed into the paper.  Frisket is usually painted in specific areas that the painter intends to keep white. Since watercolors are mainly transparent, white pigment painted over another pigment does […]

Abstract 062415

Today’s watercolor experiment: Today I wanted to concentrate on building a composition that would have some depth. Yesterday’s study was fun to do, and exercised my imagination, but it was flat. Process: I began by sketching several pencil marks. I used my non-dominant hand, the left, to try breaking the monotony of the curves produced […]

The Harpists

Today’s watercolor experiment: I dripped a bit too much frisket on my paper to begin with. I have been starting my abstracts with this rubbery, mask material for a while now. The more the merrier, I suppose. Check that… It was merrier. There were more strands of liquid rubber to play with as I tilted […]

Abstract with India Ink

Today’s watercolor experiment: The idea today was to use the permanence and indelibility of india ink as a background for watercolor washes and latex masking.  I thought that the ultramarine blue ink that I used yesterday was waterproof until I added clear water in preparation for a glaze. However, the blue ink dissolved in water. I […]

Opera Rose Fantasy

Today’s watercolor experiment: Lately I have been applying latex masking fluid (frisket) to my watercolor paper as a first step in painting my abstract studies. I add all my pigments (inks and watercolor washes) after the frisket has cured. This leaves paper-white traces on the finished study, after I remove the mask. Today I wanted to […]

Abstract Sunset

Today’s experiment: I had a lot of fun with today’s experiment. I normally apply latex masking fluid to my watercolor paper, paint or ink on top of it and remove it when I finish. I switched my procedure a bit, today. I began by dripping some permanent ultramarine blue (Winsor Newton) ink on my paper, rocked […]

Self Inspiration

Today’s watercolor experiment: I resorted to masking fluid again as the starting point for my watercolor today. It may sound silly, but I look forward to the random splashing and the moving and jerking around of the paper to impose some manner of pattern. It inspires me. Today, I wanted to see if I could coax […]