Trumpet Busker Fantasy

I was at a stop light talking to my brother on the East Coast on the car phone, when I heard music. At first I thought it was some telephonic cross talk. That didn’t make sense, so I asked Dave if he heard it (he did), and was it something on his end of the […]

Line Fantasy

Here is my rendition of line segments that could be found on the surface of a parking lot. I’ve seen red lines that delineate fire zones, or on curbs that interface between sidewalk and parking lot; blue lines that are usually found in handicapped spaces. yellow lines that divide one lane of traffic from another. […]

Rope Trick – Distal End

This composition is a transverse view of the cloud into which the Indian Rope Trickster ascends. The region above the clouds appears to be a crucible. It is not clear if said tricksters are aware of what awaits. Perhaps it is a hot meal.

Leaf Fantasy

This is another composition in which I introduced a streak of quinacridone burnt orange into a field of ultramarine blue. I really love the rust/green/yellow hue that results. My first, steady stroke into the wet ultramarine diffused away from the center to create a narrow, wedge-shaped leaf, or root-like image. (I proceeded to paint another […]

Mottled Sky Fantasy

I know I once saw a sky something like the one I painted below. I scoured my photo files for evidence of that, to no avail. I’ve seen patterns of clouds at the cusp of dark. Their bottoms reflected the sun below the horizon while their tops were cool with evening colors. My abstract suggests […]

Imaginary Mountains

It’s a new year and I want to get back to basics in addition to moving forward.  I am re-opening some of the books about color. I just get so excited about consolidating my knowledge that I have a hard time concentrating on reading. But I know that true progress relies on knowledge as well […]

The Harpists

Today’s watercolor experiment: I dripped a bit too much frisket on my paper to begin with. I have been starting my abstracts with this rubbery, mask material for a while now. The more the merrier, I suppose. Check that… It was merrier. There were more strands of liquid rubber to play with as I tilted […]

Sib Rant

No trouble from me I never wanted to be any trouble. That holdover from my childhood is with me today. The presence of my older brother was confounding enough for my parents. Mike was low-functioning, autistic and non-verbal. It must have been a great shock for them. Even as a child I didn’t want to […]

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