Loquat Tree Detail

There were too many loquats to paint yesterday (see Overdone?). Today I just painted a portion of them. This composition warrants more attention. There is potential for abstracting the curves of the leaves, the ribs within the leaves and the pattern of the fruit on their stems.

Graffiti Star Under Bridge

Today’s watercolor experiment: As promised, I found a photo with another graffiti star. There was some great graffiti on the wall under the FDR overpass near my home. I couldn’t fit the whole wall in today’s sketch, but the diffuse lighting couldn’t have been better if it had been lit by professionals. However, the section of […]

Reader Graffiti

Today’s watercolor experiment: I found another graffit-o-genic photograph in my files. I took it in 1991 during a walk through Coney Island. Coney Island is highly over-populated in the summertime, but nearly abandoned in the winter. I saw the cinderblocked opening to the ‘Reader Adviser’ building. The graffiti was incidental to me, at the time. […]

London Graffiti

Today’s watercolor experiment: I was in London in 1988. Even then I photographed everything and anything that caught my eye. I did not make a note of where I was when I snapped the picture below.  I call it graffiti, but as you can see, there is very little ‘tagging’ as we call it in […]

Crispier Leaf

The finger that clicks my camera shutter always gets itchy when I see light falling a certain way on an object. A week or so ago, the Crispy Leaves caught its attention; the other day the Crispier Leaf caused me to snap. It looked so simple sitting there. It could have been a sea shell that I stopped to inspect. This […]

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