Untitled I – July 16, 2017

I created positive and negative space on the paper before I began painting today. I used pencil lines comprised the positive (1-dimensional) space and latex masking, for the (eventual) negative space. The latter space appeared as thin, white traces at the end of the process, when the watercolor paint dried and the mask was removed. […]

Crowd Sourced Art Continues

Thank you all for your ideas about how to proceed. Otto and Pam liked rotation ‘A’, Kerfe and/or Nina (memadtwo) liked rotation ‘D’ and perhaps a more intense purple. Estela and others liked the colors as they were. Today’s experiment: Instead of proceeding with the original watercolor in real life, I loaded my Crowd Source composition […]

Crowd-Sourced Art

Work in Progress I didn’t get very far with my painting today. In fact I only dripped the frisket onto my watercolor paper. For those of you just joining me, I have settled on a method for creating drip paintings. I begin with a liquid latex (also known as frisket) that, when dry, repels water […]

Paint Now, Add Title Later

Today’s watercolor experiment: I followed my, by now, standard process of starting with a blank watercolor block, adding liquid frisket, or masking fluid and shaking and shimmying (the paper) until I am satisfied with the design. Only today I took it outside. Process: I poured the frisket on my paper, probably a bit too much, […]

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