Abstract 071816

I had nothing in mind today as I poured my liquid latex onto the paper and moved it around the paper. The thoughts I had were based on what I saw emerging: a crescent moon; a meteor; a rain storm. When I was finished the people to whom I showed it saw other things: a dog; […]

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Today’s watercolor experiment: Among the art supplies I bought the other day were several shades of orange. I haven’t used orange pigments lately, so after my application the frisket masking fluid, to preserve the white space on my paper, I began my painting with Azo Orange (PO62) from M. Graham. I followed the contours of […]

Crispier Leaf

The finger that clicks my camera shutter always gets itchy when I see light falling a certain way on an object. A week or so ago, the Crispy Leaves caught its attention; the other day the Crispier Leaf caused me to snap. It looked so simple sitting there. It could have been a sea shell that I stopped to inspect. This […]