Woman with Striped Blouse and Hair in Bun

I like the way the vertical and horizontal lines appose each other. These strokes form the only patterns within the outline of the figure.  I drew the woman’s outline blindly (not looking at the paper), but did look when I detailed her blouse and hair. I did not realize how much the counterpoint between these […]

Two People Using Technology in Different Ways

This was the scene before me when I sat down at break the other day. It doesn’t strike me as a particularly rich visual design. The element that binds the composition together is the different technology each subject is relying upon.

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Today’s watercolor experiment: Among the art supplies I bought the other day were several shades of orange. I haven’t used orange pigments lately, so after my application the frisket masking fluid, to preserve the white space on my paper, I began my painting with Azo Orange (PO62) from M. Graham. I followed the contours of […]