Crispier Leaf

The finger that clicks my camera shutter always gets itchy when I see light falling a certain way on an object. A week or so ago, the Crispy Leaves caught its attention; the other day the Crispier Leaf caused me to snap. It looked so simple sitting there. It could have been a sea shell that I stopped to inspect. This […]

Cancelled Flight

Today’s watercolor experiment: In keeping with my quest to change the way I begin my watercolor sketches, today I started with dry paper and a 2″ brush loaded with Prussian blue. I swept across the paper twice horizontally at the top and bottom (to form 4″ swaths) and once vertically on each side to form a 2″-wide […]

So Simple, and Yet…

Easter Lily I couldn’t resist taking a photograph of the Easter lily on the kitchen table. My only disappointment was that I couldn’t get close enough with my phone – I mean camera. This is the shot I liked: Looks simple and delicate. Today’s experiment It looked like it would be so simple to paint. The […]