Triangle Bright Spot in Flatland Night

I was thinking about the figures in Flatland. What actually determines a shape? Is it a line? A line is by itself, is infinitely thin. A shape is not defined by a line, it has an edge, a divider between inside and outside. I don’t think the residents of Flatland would confuse a bright spot […]

Two Spaces

I was struck by the difference between waiting room space and the promise of a capacious inner office, in the waiting area. The sanctum was partially visible through an open half-window, only revealing hints of what lie behind the door. If I were a child, I would have been terrified. From a lower vantage point, […]


William, my grandson, is really interested in the planets. He knows them all, including the asteroid belt and the fact that Pluto is a dwarf planet. He has an app that arranged all the planets and their characteristics into a catchy tune. We spent much time looking at each planet’s core on another app. Below […]

Abstract with Brush Strokes

I used the atmospheric approach of yesterday with some bold outlines, in today’s watercolor. The amorphous areas are thus bounded by structure. The edges of the paper bound an awkward space. Three bright areas are mostly enveloped by the heavy greenish outline, but the other two yellow spots are only partially enclosed. I usually do not intentionally […]

Cosmic Chicken

Today’s watercolor experiment: I began today’s experiment by applying frisket to my watercolor paper. Frisket, also known as masking fluid or ‘drawing gum’ prevents watercolors from being absorbed into the paper.  Frisket is usually painted in specific areas that the painter intends to keep white. Since watercolors are mainly transparent, white pigment painted over another pigment does […]

Drips and More Drips

Back home again from the trip to LA to visit the kids and grandkids. It was very nice. I do feel nice here at home as well. Back to my own studio space where I can make a mess and clean it up at my leisure… not necessarily in time for dinner.  I do make […]

Chasing the Blues

Today’s watercolor experiment: I began painting today with a number 20 round brush loaded with ultramarine blue. I drew a freehand arc that didn’t quite soak in. I never understood the term ‘dry brush’ until now. It doesn’t mean ‘dry’ as in, absence of water, it means relatively dry. The brush is not so wet with […]