Two Spaces

I was struck by the difference between waiting room space and the promise of a capacious inner office, in the waiting area. The sanctum was partially visible through an open half-window, only revealing hints of what lie behind the door. If I were a child, I would have been terrified. From a lower vantage point, […]

Drips and More Drips

Back home again from the trip to LA to visit the kids and grandkids. It was very nice. I do feel nice here at home as well. Back to my own studio space where I can make a mess and clean it up at my leisure… not necessarily in time for dinner.  I do make […]

More About Space

Depiction of personal space So much has been written about the philosophy of space, that I can’t possibly summarize the different positions in one or even a dozen postings. However, I am in the process of combing the philosophic, artistic and scientific literature to arrive at my own understanding of (physical and inner) space and […]

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