Post-Christmas Lego Build

Will, my grandson, got a 12,000 piece Lego set; seemed like 12,000. There were at least a dozen small cellophane packets with different parts inside. Will’s dad had the unenviable task of inventorying the parts as Will did his job as a 5-year old: undoing what his dad was doing. The sketch below is the […]

William’s Rendition of the Halloween Mantle

We spent Halloween with the kids and grandkids. William asked if he could draw  in my new sketch book. I told him that I wanted something good. He went off and later, came back with the sketch you see below. He had decided to draw the mantle that his mom decorated.* *My own rendition was the […]

Construction: Will’s Clock Tower

As promised, today’s post features my grandson Will’s construction of the Hillsdale Clock Tower, whose clock was stopped by a bolt of lightning at 10:04 PM, that stormy night in 1955. Below is a photo that details the bell, spire and clock face. Will fashioned the brass bell from the mortar part of an old […]

Clock Room

Today’s sketch is of the desk in the room formerly known as ‘the studio‘ , partially rearranged by my grandson, William, during his project of the day. He succeeded  in building a model of the Hillsdale clock tower, whose clock, he told me, stopped at 10:04 PM during a lightning storm in 1955. (More about […]

Lost Time

William, my grandson, and family are visiting. We haven’t seen them in about 6 months. Upon arrival, he apologized for not bringing his tool kit. He had planned for us to repair the grandfather clock in the hallway. William is 5 years old and very optimistic about repairing clocks. He dubbed my studio, “the clock […]

Grandma’s Treat

I ate at a restaurant during my lunch break today. I haven’t done that in a long time. An older woman and a young boy sat in a booth close to me. I was at one of the tables that was surrounded by very high stools. This accounts for the vantage point in the sketch […]


William, my grandson, is really interested in the planets. He knows them all, including the asteroid belt and the fact that Pluto is a dwarf planet. He has an app that arranged all the planets and their characteristics into a catchy tune. We spent much time looking at each planet’s core on another app. Below […]

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