Grandson Portrait

At the kids’ house for the holidays. William, my grandson and I are having a great time. It is difficult to get him to sit still enough for me to sketch a portrait.  I waited for him to get involved with his iPad so he would be still. Here are some practice sketches: Here is […]

Dynamic Line Drawing

Yesterday’s edited sequence of photos I took on a walk with Mike captured him in an upset state. I took him on a walk from his group home and I think that he was fearful or anxious at being in unfamiliar territory. Mike is autistic, low functioning and nonverbal. I developed a series of drawings and […]

Continuing to Abstract

I just had time today to do a couple of sketches and the beginnings of a watercolor. I am continuing to work on the photograph Dad took of Mike* and Mom, during a camping trip in the late 1950s. I paid attention to that great Bauhaus Master, Paul Klee’s advice: to take my pencil point […]

Lesson 11 – Adding Washes

I am working through the Tate Watercolour Manual, Lessons from the Great Masters by Tony Smibert and Joyce Townsend in an effort to refine my craft. I fully intend to paint like the masters when I finish the book. I’m not quite sure how long after I finish the book but I know it will come to pass […]

A Different Kind of Practice

Today’s experiment: I have the wonderful opportunity to practice drawing and painting my grandson in his presence! I am not used to drawing from life, relying instead on photographs. It is quite a different experience. William is always in motion. As I am just getting the correct contour of his forehead in profile, he faces […]

Traveling Today

We had to drive back to San Jose today. It’s 350 miles more or less from LA. We took the scenic route back that takes us right next to the Pacific. Ordinarily it is wonderfully clear, but today it was a bit foggy off shore. Joy and I love to see the ocean. It occupies […]

Gaining More Comfort

Earlier today I posted a watercolor sketch of an old family photograph. I wasn’t too pleased with it, since the figures did not resemble those in the reference photograph. In simple terms, I failed to reproduce the light and dark patches of the photograph faithfully in my watercolor sketch. If I had done this in […]

When in Doubt

I swore I wouldn’t paint another bunch of bananas for quite a while (Hasty Banana). However, since I am on a road trip with my wife, Joy, to visit the kids and grandkids in Burbank, I am limited in my subject matter. But, everyone has bananas. When in doubt, resort to the familiar. I left […]

Travel Day – To Burbank

Today was a travel day to see the kids and the grandkids. Traffic wasn’t too bad on the way down to Burbank. As we were driving on ‘the 5’ (the nomenclature locals use when they talk about Interstate 5) at a good clip (the speed limit is 70 miles per hour), when I saw red […]