Sketch Book Series: Early Face Drawing Attempts (Dec 2007)

Drawing faces was difficult to begin with. My eye didn’t quite understand the proper proportions. I’ve become much better at more realistic faces over the years. Observation was only part of the learning curve; seeing the proportions in ‘how to’ books was a big part of the process.

Sketch Book Series: ER Hallway (January 2010)

This sketch is a panoramic view inside an emergency room, looking toward the ambulance entrance. The towel dispenser at the far right of the drawing is a bit jarring. These elements don’t really fit with the look down the hall. As usual, I was looking to fill the time while was waiting.

Sketch Book Series: SoCal (January 2010)

This sketch began with pencil and finished with ink. The result is more of a postcard than a creative piece. I enjoy taking pictures. In approximately one-sixtieth of a second, they capture a moment that I can identify later when I look at it. Perhaps I get a connect more deeply to a place that […]

Sketch Book Series: Parking Lot (January 2010)

My pen and ink drawings of ten or so years ago had a pencil sketch scaffolding. These early sketches relied more on line than on surface shading. I haven’t sketched in a long time, so it will be interesting to try combining line and surface in new drawing.

Sketch Book Series: Atrium (April 2011)

I used pencil for shading in this sketch. I don’t recall the issues I had while drawing this scene, but ten years after, I see that the large shadow on the back building would have taken a careful hand with pen and ink to render. I probably thought it was easier to shade with pencil.