Pack Man

Sometimes, pencil is the right tool for the job. The subject of the sketch below merited such a treatment. The subject’s pack, with all its details, on the other hand could have been beautifully rendered in ink. Since I am the final arbiter of my artistic implements, pencil it is. (The wavy line to the […]

Two Studying Together

Today’s study is a combination of pencil, and pen and ink. I began with a .5mm mechanical pencil and sketched out the details. I thought of the composition, although all the figures were right in front of me. I wanted to emphasize the figures in the foreground. It would have been easy to omit the […]


One notices repeat customers, even in a very busy shop. The two gentlemen below seem at home no matter which table they inhabit. (See previous sketch here: Two Thinkers.) This sketch is smoother than the one in my previous post.  At that time I did not realize that these gents were friends. They do seem […]


I had less than a minute to sketch the person below before she was called to the desk and left her seated position across from me.  The few pencil lines I drew were tentative, as they usually are when I begin a portrait. Normally I would relegate this page to the scrap heap, but I […]