Taking a Chance

Today’s watercolor experiment: Directly after my warmup exercise (see Copying post) I decided to go out on a limb and try a large painting of the essence of the J.M.W. Turner composition (A Sunset Sky). I was less than successful in the small drawing that constituted the last stage of my warmup. I was very […]


I haven’t played the violin in many years, but I remember playing scales. Scales and arpeggios are the basic building blocks of music, that is, music with which I am familiar, anyway.  I hope to play again some day, but I know that I will have to start from scratch, trying to play each note […]

Chasing the Blues

Today’s watercolor experiment: I began painting today with a number 20 round brush loaded with ultramarine blue. I drew a freehand arc that didn’t quite soak in. I never understood the term ‘dry brush’ until now. It doesn’t mean ‘dry’ as in, absence of water, it means relatively dry. The brush is not so wet with […]