Drips and More Drips

Back home again from the trip to LA to visit the kids and grandkids. It was very nice. I do feel nice here at home as well. Back to my own studio space where I can make a mess and clean it up at my leisure… not necessarily in time for dinner.  I do make […]

Yellow Succulent Flowers

Today’s watercolor experiment: At the risk of becoming succulent-obsessed, today’s study is yet another succulent. I bought this one at a food market. I thought it was a perfect complement to my orange-flowered one.  These flowers were just as difficult to draw as the orange ones. What I found very difficult was estimating the differences in tonal […]

Fat Fish

Right now, I’m probably out fishing. I prepare my posts the day before and schedule them to appear at midnight of the next day. So to get in the spirit, I thought I’d take my ‘point out for a walk’ to ‘make visible’ a photograph I took when I went fishing the last time. For […]

Paul Klee and Flatland

Flatland It’s been a long time since I read Flatland by Edward Abbott. Abbott, Headmaster of City of London School, wrote this work of fiction in 1884. Abbott described a world that only existed in two dimensions. Strict class divisions and hierarchy were in force in Flatland. For instance, the female form was the line segment, […]