Flatland: City and Country Lines

I guess builders in three dimensions have to mark where things go, no matter the surface. This graffiti on grass in this picture got me thinking of Flatland. Couldn’t there could be different realms with that two-dimensional space: the city and the country? What would the countryside look like in Flatland? The grass, in 3-dimensions, is […]

Light and Substance

At first blush, this is a photograph of nothing interesting. But I took the picture anyway. When I looked at it later, I saw the imitation of the light patterns in the indistinct, eroded painting on the ground: the edge of a white line; the edge of a shadow; dark and bright areas of substance […]

Parallel Parking in Flatland

One can see that Flatland, as viewed from the third dimension is rife with texture. What is texture in Flatland? I imagine it manifests as inexplicable holes in two dimensional space and its figures. The rectangular figure below must have been surprised when it fractured while parallel parking. It suddenly spawned several other irregularly shaped […]