I just started reading a biography of Leonardo daVinci. It is very interesting but, in conjunction with my goal of experimenting with watercolor every day, it is intimidating. I began today’s experiment with dry brush strokes of quinacridone rust on paper with rough texture. I proceeded with short, choppy brushstrokes, blending with yellow and blue, […]

Right Angle

I found a nice bit of paint on the parking lot today, a relief from yesterday’s jarring misalignment (see Put it Back). I had to scoot my feet out of the way so I didn’t get them in the frame of the photo. I had to guess when my phone camera was parallel to the […]

Ramp and Tread

I like this color combination and the arrangement of the rectangles that comprise the visual elements of this photo. Through the lens of my camera, I’ve been editing the views of pavement for a long time. I realize that some of my photos could be blueprints for wonderful abstract paintings. Looking at the photo below, […]

Watercolor Nebula

I haven’t used rough-finished watercolor paper in a while. I remember that I enjoyed working with this texture. To increase the irregularities of the surface, I obtained a spray bottle and some pretzel salt. I applied the pigments as usual,  applied the salt and soaked the paper with my nebulizer. Voilá, a nebula!

Derelict Parking Lot

I took the street photograph below in a derelict parking lot. None of the buildings surrounding the lot were in bad shape, but the painted spaces were worn out. The condition of a white-outlined solid blue square told me that a former handicapped parking spot now welcomed anyone.  Here is a portion of that space:

Imaginary Burl

I posted several sketches from a photograph of a very interesting tree I encountered during one of my walks (Texture Study, Bark and Texture, Burl Texture). Below is my rendition of a completely imaginary tree bark complete with burl. I’m thinking of enhancing this with some light watercolor washes.

Burl Texture

Most people can identify burl in veneers. In these thin wooden slices, the burl are manifested as intricate round patterns. Burl found in the wild are bulgy wooden growths on the bark of trees. My study below is an examination of the texture of a collection of these growths. I used a thin fiber-nibbed pen […]