Sketch Book Series: Blue Car (July 2010)

I used this particular parking lot quite a bit (both for parking and sketching). I spent what seemed like hours on the leafy hedge, at first trying to render each leaf, later settling for overall texture. The trees, far and near, were also a challenge. My cars come out cartoony, but I like them. I […]

Sketch Book Series: Cone Texture (June 2010)

The negative space between the pine cone seeds (at the base of the top pine cone) helped to give it a realistic rendering. The lower, (incomplete) sketch shows the pine cone’s hexagonal structure.

Sketch Book Series: Texture and Shadows (August 2010)

I didn’t quite get the texture of the wood, except for reproducing the lines of the grain. There is more texture in the shadowy part of the sketch, but it didn’t quite portray the overlap of the fence boards. More practice sketches should help improve the impression of texture and shadows.

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