Parking Lot Lines at Night

Light at night is not natural. Photographing incandescent, fluorescent, mercury vapor, neon and other kinds of lamps at night, leave a multitude of different colors on film. The subject of today’s photo is illuminated by artificial lights of the night. The night lighting reflected off the subject result in a flat, dull uniformly lit pattern. The […]

Brand New Paint Job

I have been photographing parking lot paint jobs for a while (see Parking Lot Photography, Derelict Parking Lot, Aging Parking Lot Segment, Parking Lot Impasto). I always thought that the black color of the parking lot was due to the natural color of asphalt. But the streaks of black on the yellow rubber bumpy pad appear […]

Light, Hole and Wheel

My wanderings around the parking lot during my work break seem to get later and later. Outside keeps getting darker and darker. In front of me was a scene that caught my eye, for some reason. There were three elements that I had to capture in my camera. For some reason it made visual sense. […]


I like the white on black of this sign. I also like the white-filled ‘O’ and ‘P’ that indicate failure of the ‘O’ and ‘P’ stencils. The sign itself was so long, it took up 3 spaces in my camera. If I were a little taller, I could have squared up the trapezoidal look of […]

Night Lot

In many of my previous posts I’ve examined minute details of parking lots, particularly the painted areas (see Painted Pavement, Derelict Parking Lot, New Board Game, Flag of an Unknown Country, Parking Lot Photography, Craggy Lines). During daylight hours, any photograph of a parking area (unless it is a structure) is not about the lot […]

Rare Yellow

Among the photographs I took of the dilapidated parking lot the other day, was one that captured a color now rarely seen in lots for parked cars. Yellow is a common color for lines on roadways. There are the omnipresent solid double yellow lines in the center of busy highways that one must not cross […]