Handicap Parking Space with Drips and Cracks

Without a ladder, I can only photograph a small portion of a parking space. The shot below is representative of the entire space: it showcases a new painting style (or the first time I’ve seen blue letters on white background); a portion of the dribblings of soda cans; the weathered cracks indicating the well-worn usage […]

Parking Space Compact Conundrum

A photographer is, by definition, an observer. Good photographers observe keenly. One of the fun parts of street photographer is the quest for visual puns, such as the one below. The space in front of the pickup truck is labeled ‘compact’, and yet it is huge. Is it for compact stretch limos? Did someone forget […]

Street Art #7: Parking Lot Visual Elements in Perspective

In the last photograph in this series, I caught a number of visual elements often found in parking lots in the US: dotted white lines, indicating driving lanes; a red line that notes an emergency area; a striped region that warns of a speed bump and an white-striped outlined area that indicates a no parking zone. […]