Tinted Parking Lot

I had meal break while it was still light out the other day. I used my pencil sketch, ink and watercolor post production technique to render the vista I enjoyed while eating my lunch. The watercolors were not to my liking, so I ran the paper under the faucet (with the water turned on) to […]

Parking Lot Moment

I have photographed many examples of parking lot spaces, from repainted space delimiters during the day, worn spacers lines at night, line patterns, curbs, to red and blue curbs, to bumpy skid-proof mats for helping to prevent pedestrian mis-steps. Below is a drawing I made from within one of those parking spots.


This configuration of parking lot curbs, pavement and no-skid mat caught my attention. I liked the colors and, when I flattened the image in my mind’s eye, I thought of a balance point underneath a curved, tricolor beam. I could not resist applying a couple of filters to this image: