Space, The Initial Frontier

Different spaces Although this will be a short post tonight, the topic of space is enormous. There are all kinds of spaces: personal space; Newtonian space; Einsteinian space also known as space-time; dream space; virtual space; imagined space and perceived space, and others that I can’t think of at the moment. It the past few […]

Expression and Space

Space There are different kinds of space: 1) conventional three-dimensional space, through which we all move, described by the Cartesian coordinate system, which uses the x and y axes to describe coordinates in two dimensions and the z axis to describe height or depth ; 2) the two-dimensional space (x-y plane) of a flat canvas, […]


I’ve had some classes in drawing. I’ve read up on perspective and I’ve practiced drawing scenes in front of me. I find that I must continually check to see whether I have properly estimated the area on my two-dimensional paper to match the corresponding view of the three-dimensional scene in front of me. With practice, […]