The Conversation

I love the dynamic between these two people. The man has something to say and the woman is listening. One can see this by each person’s posture: the man leans forward and the woman leans back. Her legs seem to be crossed, even though only one leg is showing.

Gesticulating Man

In contrast to yesterday’s post, the sketch below is of a man who was very fidgety. His arms moved much more frequently than his body. The trouble I have with this kind of sketch is that I get mixed up. I use the visual cues of the lines I just drew to plan my next […]

Man Intent, Then Relaxed

Fidgety people are difficult for me to draw. They shift positions just as I am sketching in the relationship between two limbs, or the details of the fingers of a contemplative hand. The man in the sketch below gave me enough time between poses to render a fair amount of detail in each position.

One Out Of Two

Sometimes 15 minutes is not enough for a complete portrait.  I wanted to complete the daughter first. I got a bad start on the mom and had to re-size her head. I try avoiding erasers. I post the good with the bad. I think I could have salvaged the second figure given time.