Man with Bare Foot Under Other Leg

I first noticed this gentleman’s haircut. His head was shaved on the sides; the hair on the top of his head was longer and shaped like a peak. I noticed one sandal on the floor and the man’s toes visible on the chair under his other leg.

Mother and Two Point Five Kids

Taking care of children is a very tough job. But sketching kids is also tough. The more active child was all over the place. I started to draw him when he was in one position and 30 seconds later he was in another.  This mother was truly in charge of a family of at least […]

Woman with Unseeing Eyes

Usually I draw people who are doing something . They are occupied and unlikely to see me drawing them. The woman below wasn’t doing anything. I didn’t know if she was staring straight ahead, if the was asleep, or if she noticed me as I sketched. I had to look at her though. I kept […]

Two People Using Technology in Different Ways

This was the scene before me when I sat down at break the other day. It doesn’t strike me as a particularly rich visual design. The element that binds the composition together is the different technology each subject is relying upon.

Young Woman with Long Wavy Hair

This drawing is looser than most of my others. The looseness was inspired by this young woman’s hair. I don’t give it enough credit here, as it was one of her most striking features. While the lines are looser, the planar areas are more composed due to my smudging the light pencil traces into oblivion.