Reading Figures

My first 15-minute sketching session yielded the figure below. The position of the man’s hand on his head was unique among the readers gathered in the cafe. I concentrated on posture in my next sketch session, trying to establish relative positions of limbs as quickly as possible. I wasn’t always quick enough, as in the […]

Quick Figure Sketches

I’m continue with my time-limited sketches in this post. I did a couple of the sketches below within my 15 minute break. (actually, his whole body should be smaller but…. oh well…) At another venue, I did the following sketches.   The final sketch is the best.

Two Thirty-Five

I bring a book and my sketch pad whenever I go to a place where I may be waiting. I have been limiting my sketch time to 15 minutes, which is long enough to fill an 8×5 inch sheet of paper with scribbling that indicates a sense of my visual environment.  If I find myself waiting […]