Monster Flatland Lines Sense Something In Their Path

I was surveying the goings on of Flatland below, and encountered these lines. It could have been one line folded in on itself or, more likely, two lines cooperating with each other. Whatever it was, it must have been hungry. I knew it could sense my presence, through gravitation or other invisible forces. It seemed […]

A Great Disturbance in Flatland

The observer in the world of three dimensions can see the crags, fissures and flow of the now-hardened concrete pictured below. In the pancake-flat world of Flatland, none of this can be seen. However, Flatlanders may be able to experience the roughness of the underlying forces that can only be revealed in a third dimension. […]

Flatland: City and Country Lines

I guess builders in three dimensions have to mark where things go, no matter the surface. This graffiti on grass in this picture got me thinking of Flatland. Couldn’t there could be different realms with that two-dimensional space: the city and the country? What would the countryside look like in Flatland? The grass, in 3-dimensions, is […]

Cracked Yellow Arrow

This looks like a white-bordered, yellow, cracked arrow, which it is, in Flatland. However, in the world of three dimensions, it is a speed bump. Somehow, Flatland space became warped, and the yellow rectangle cracked at the strain.

Disintegrating Flatland ‘Space’

From the perspective of a dimension unknown to Flatlanders, this part of their world looks decrepit and decaying. How do the residents experience this ‘space’?

The Artist Reveals Himself

The photographer reveals himself in this image by virtue of the shadow of his camera in the frame. In the two dimensional world of Flatland, surely philosophers and scientists have developed theories to explain the phenomenon of transient dark patches in their world. There might be a Flatland philosopher (of an n-sided polygon class (where […]