Two Spaces

I was struck by the difference between waiting room space and the promise of a capacious inner office, in the waiting area. The sanctum was partially visible through an open half-window, only revealing hints of what lie behind the door. If I were a child, I would have been terrified. From a lower vantage point, I would only have seen the ceiling, with no clue of what was waiting for me inside.

Sketch: Pencil, Pen and Ink, Wash - Two Spaces

Two Spaces
Pencil, Wash, Pen and Ink Sketch
8.5″x5.5″ 138# Cold Pressed Mix Media Paper

3 thoughts on “Two Spaces

  1. I have felt exactly as you say here, child and adult. And in my adult years, I have felt the contrast between me (worried, ill, confused) and the people who are just having a normal work day ( routine, calm, etc.) and envied them for that, it made the scene even more difficult. Luckily I have always come back to routine eventually, for which I am thankful, but… the waiting room awaits and the inner rooms are always a mystery…

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