Abstract with Brush Strokes

I used the atmospheric approach of yesterday with some bold outlines, in today’s watercolor. The amorphous areas are thus bounded by structure.

The edges of the paper bound an awkward space. Three bright areas are mostly enveloped by the heavy greenish outline, but the other two yellow spots are only partially enclosed. I usually do not intentionally leave brush marks, but today I did. The resulting ‘brickwork’ texture contrasts with the formless areas on which it is superimposed.


Watercolor: Abstract - Untitled 010917

Abstract 010917
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

***Spoiler*** I’m about to give my own interpretation of this abstract piece

Although this piece is rather flat, the coarse latticework of the thick outlines could be spectacles of some alien being gazing out to the great beyond.

But… you should draw your own conclusions.

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