Playing Piano

I did not sketch the study below from life.  I watched my brother play the piano  yesterday and tried to absorb the experience. Yesterday’s watercolor was meant to capture Dave’s graceful motions of his hands. Today, I reconstructed his posture from an angle that I had not observed. I think it shows stability and groundedness […]

Three Frames

The triple portrait below depicts three frames of an 8mm film my father took of my brother Mike. Mike is autistic, low functioning and nonverbal. He is a mystery. I rendered each frame individually in previous posts:  Dark-Eyed Mike #1, Frame #2, Frame #3. The three portraits are also slices of time, the first moment represented […]

Head Wind

Today’s watercolor study: I used the same earth-tone schema as yesterday. It was fun to scrape up the rough-surfaced paper to see what would happen when I painted it. But today I just used cold pressed paper without making any changes to the surface. I started with dry paper and drew my Van Dyke brown-laden […]

Chasing the Blues

Today’s watercolor experiment: I began painting today with a number 20 round brush loaded with ultramarine blue. I drew a freehand arc that didn’t quite soak in. I never understood the term ‘dry brush’ until now. It doesn’t mean ‘dry’ as in, absence of water, it means relatively dry. The brush is not so wet with […]

In Combination

Below are two pictures of my brother. Together they make a strong statement. In addition to being autistic low functioning and nonverbal, doctors diagnosed my older brother Michael with Tourette Syndrome (TS). However, he doesn’t seem to have a bad case of it. I understand that, like autism spectrum disorders (ASD), TS manifests itself in […]