Building Blocks

Red is the predominant color in this study. Green and bluish striations connect the top and bottom layers. Blocks of yellow and red are gathered on the bottom and top (respectively) of the composition. This is an abstract construction, but I have my own idea about what it represents. What do you think?

Ramp and Tread

I like this color combination and the arrangement of the rectangles that comprise the visual elements of this photo. Through the lens of my camera, I’ve been editing the views of pavement for a long time. I realize that some of my photos could be blueprints for wonderful abstract paintings. Looking at the photo below, […]

A Little Off

This is the fresh-water version of my sewer picture from the other day (Sewer Askew). In that post I rued the misalignment of the entitled sewer cover with the its surrounding concrete in which it was mounted. Today I saw this water line access cap. As with the sewer cap title, it is also not […]

Dream Background 10-3-17

I frequently have vivid dreams. Most of the images in my dreams are characters in a story that my mind makes up. Most of the stories are variations on a theme. Some of them are very inventive. One of my dreams even had credits at the end, just like a movie; they scrolled to fast […]

Free Form Experiment

Most of my free form designs are unpremeditated. That is I try not to have an idea of the outcome. Sometimes I do have goal from the beginning, sometimes I get an idea based on what I have already drawn. Today’s experiment was based on yesterday’s abstract. I liked the human form in that piece. […]

Abstract 092617

My internet access is limited. Unable to post on time (:$$?&@?-$!! Comcast! Hope you check back later.  Update Below: I began the abstract below with a pencil form that I traced over with a fine point pen. Cross hatching was the next step. After that, I noticed one particular form that I painted with tan/pink […]

Self Hypnosis

The outlined figures of Joan Miró were in my mind when I started this composition.  I was in my thinking pose as I tried to decide how to proceed. I became aware of the position of my hand on my brow and copied it onto the paper. I superimposed concentric curves on the face I […]