Moth-eaten Brain

As I understand things, when one gets older, one’s brain shrinks. I guess more space appears between the skull and the brain, since old people’s heads don’t get smaller. I’m not feeling too young these days. This is my impression of an older, moth-eaten brain.

Collective Term for Persimmons

There are a plethora of collective terms for groups of animals. Here are a few examples: a group of cows is a herd; a group of geese is a gaggle; a group of owls is a parliment. There are also collective terms for non-animal groups: a bunch of grapes; a forest of trees; a batch […]

Speed Bump in Daylight

This shot shows maximal contrast to the speed bump bathed in the yellow light of parking lot night time (see Yellow Light at Night). The colors are bold and have no discernible color cast. Perhaps there is an element of reflected blue from the sky, but I don’t notice it. Leonardo daVinci would have noticed […]

Smoldering Man

Below is another watercolor that I began with a curve that reminded me of a skull (see It Happened So Fast). I built the rest of the figure from there. The swatches in the background toward which the runner proceeds were inspired by Paul Klee’s work. I’m afraid his influence stops there. The trailing edge of […]

Line Fantasy

Here is my rendition of line segments that could be found on the surface of a parking lot. I’ve seen red lines that delineate fire zones, or on curbs that interface between sidewalk and parking lot; blue lines that are usually found in handicapped spaces. yellow lines that divide one lane of traffic from another. […]

Speed Bump

Sometimes, when there are no cars coming the other way, I veer out of the way of speed bumps in the parking lot. Other times (when my wife isn’t in the car), I just go over them at normal speed (15 miles per hour, of course). I’ve rarely stopped to look at the speed bumps […]