Man in Sharply-Ironed Clothes

The gentleman across the way was wearing the sharpest shirt and trousers I have ever seen.  And I do mean sharp!  I don’t think that his clothes were starched, or they would have cracked when he moved. I was thinking about working some more on this drawing. I would concentrate the straight lines of the […]

Woman Reading Magazine Before Eye Dilation

At first I lightly sketched the figure. I don’t know why, but I always seem to start with the arms. I also spend time on the head tilt and its relationship to the shoulders. I finished with enough time to include some of the furniture, and to darken the lines of the woman. I’m pretty […]

Man Reading Magazine Waiting for Wife and Woman Across the Room

I sketched the man while he and his wife were waiting. I did not know who had an appointment until the lady got up and left when her name was called. The man remained in ‘couple mode’, his legs together, as if respecting the space of his now-absent wife. Across the room was another figure, […]

Lone Woman in Waiting Room

I sketched this scene with a pencil that was harder than the one I used yesterday (4B used yesterday, HB used today). Making easy-to-see marks with a harder pencil takes more pressure than it does with a softer pencil. I don’t work well with harder marks, so the drawing below is not that easy to […]

Man with Knobby Knees

The man in the shorts was brave. He joined us in the waiting room at about 6:30 in the morning. Just the thought of cold naugahyde on my bare legs is enough to make my skin crawl. There were others waiting as well, so I had a chance to practice my face sketching.