Two People Waiting

This sketch consists of portraits of two people drawn at different times, in the same waiting room. The more complete likeness is the figure on the right. Even though most of the features are distorted, the posture is captured well.  The figure on the left is less complete and, a bit muddled. This allows the […]

Portrait Commission

I frequently draw other people when I’m in waiting rooms or in a cafe. Most of the time nobody acknowledges my presence, or if they do, we exchange slight nods or smiles. This time, I did not notice a woman who was watching me as I was drawing a fellow waiting room waiter. She attracted […]

Waiting for the Receptionist

The portal from the waiting room the inner office is guarded by the receptionist. The official waiting period starts here. Some receptionists are quick. In the case below, I barely had one minute to sketch the woman in her pre-wait status.

Two Men Waiting at the Lab, One with Unfinished Face

I like the posture of the man on the left. He was groomed very well. His hair was thin, pure white and combed back, giving the appearance of a wispy skeleton of a coiffure.  I barely finished the bottom half of the man on the right when he was called in to give a blood […]

Lady at Doc Office Counter from Inside ‘Sick’ Waiting Room

There is a waiting area for sick people inside the waiting room at my doc. We have to wear masks. But we do have a view of where the others get to wait. This is a sketch of a woman at the counter from inside the sick room.