Waiting for X-Ray

At first I just sketched the man in the wheelchair and the lady next to him. I don’t know if they were together. The lady had a coughing fit, so I sat on the other side of the waiting room. After drawing them, I had enough space on the paper to include the waiting room […]

Quick Waiting Room Sketch

I have mixed feelings about waiting rooms. Sure, I would like to be in and out as soon as possible, but the more efficient the office, the less time I have with my subject. I only had a few minutes with this person before I was called away.

Waiting in Dentist’s Office

To start off this month, I decided to return to color.  In the dentist’s office, I began a sketch of the two people sitting across from me. The guy on the left moved his legs before I finished. This is why he looks like he has three of them. I added dabs of watercolor to […]

Waiting Room

I found myself without a pencil (again) today. I like drawing with a pen these days. It is much less forgiving than drawing with an erasable implement but the pen shows each and every stroke.  The collection of slashes and strokes give the resulting sketch directness.  The ‘post production’ phase of a pencil drawing may […]


The waiting room wasn’t too crowded when we got to the Emergency Room at 11AM. She was taken right in and given the appropriate tests for chest pain. Then we sat there in the waiting room: she in the wheelchair and I next to her, within plug-in length of the nearest power outlet. There weren’t […]