Two Guys Waiting for Their Cars at the Dealer

I’ve been doing most of my waiting in waiting rooms in the medical setting. Of course there are other kinds of waiting areas: those for transportation (i.e., airports, train stations); those for products (mainly lines, for tickets, new product releases, etc.); and for services (which may include lines and seating areas, such as the Department of Motor […]

Extreme Waiting

Extreme waiting happens sometimes within the deep waiting time period. After all the information is given, questioned and reiterated, those in charge make decisions and you both discuss it and give the okay. Then the deed is done behind closed doors. This is where extreme waiting takes place.

Deep Waiting: Beyond the Waiting Room

There is a harshness to deep waiting. Note the grating sense of light reflected from the sketch below. I photographed this entry of my sketch book under hospital lighting. I am past the waiting room and directly interact with the business of the medical center here. Here I provide all the information I think may […]