Mike Sketch Series: Mike with Hands on his Face 1991

I copied this image from a grainy photo I took of my brother Mike.  The facial expression I captured was not the one that I caught in the photo. That I made the same error in a previous sketch makes me curious about what this says about me as an artist. In my self portrait […]

Undated Portrait of My Brother

I was hoping to get some insight about portrait painting. I recalled that Picasso and Portraiture was chock full of interesting articles. When I opened it up, one of my old sketches fell out.  This is a portrait of my older brother Mike. Mike is low functioning and autistic and nonverbal and now resides in […]

Remembering Dad

Dad died 7 years ago yesterday (November 30 by the lunar calendar).  Thoughts of him have been in the back of my mind all month. Although I wasn’t conscious of it, this may have prompted me to read A Mathematician’s Apology by G.H Hardy, a book that had been sitting on my shelf for quite […]