Gaining More Comfort

Earlier today I posted a watercolor sketch of an old family photograph. I wasn’t too pleased with it, since the figures did not resemble those in the reference photograph. In simple terms, I failed to reproduce the light and dark patches of the photograph faithfully in my watercolor sketch. If I had done this in correct proportions, I would have reproduced the photograph, and the figures would be recognizable. Perhaps the accumulation of small errors of proportion and shading contributed to the failure to accomplish this goal.

I used mixed media paper as the basis for a pencil sketch of yesterday’s photograph. Mixed media paper has a smooth velum surface. I used a 4B pencil to sketch the figures.

Pencil Sketch: Two Brothers and Dog

Two Brothers and Dog
14″x11″ 140# Mixed Media Paper

Here is the reference photograph:

Photograph: Vintage Kodachrome 1966

Jack, Dave and Chuckie on Bike

Today’s sketch is more faithful to the reference photograph than this morning’s watercolor study. The figures are more recognizable here, but I’m still not quite comfortable with the results.

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