Facepainting at a Little Girl’s Party

There is a lot of running around at a little girl’s party. The scene below was an oasis of short bits of calm. The face painter must have been experienced, as she was able to keep the kids still for seconds at a time. Time enough for a quick sketch.

How Many Cakes?

William is my grandson. Today was his actual second birthday. We celebrated yesterday with a trip to Disneyland, but festivities actually began last month. The kids came up to San Jose with William and Sidra, my granddaughter, from Burbank in the middle of March. It was the only time they could all get away from work at […]

Beauty Parlor Visit

Mom has her ups and downs. She started getting a little tired at her 90th birthday party the other day, and was a bit wiped out for a while. This morning though, she was really chipper.  She asked me what time it was, after she had been sitting up in the recliner for a while. […]

Great Party

Joy and Beth prepared for Will’s birthday gathering for what seemed like weeks. They commissioned a special birthday cake for the guests and one for Will himself. I didn’t know there was a special name for a kid’s cake. They call it a ‘smash’ cake. Is this just a California thing? One look at the picture […]

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