Quarantine Portrait Series: Mike, Very Stressed

My brother Mike is in the hospital. Even if he was nearby I wouldn’t be able to visit because of the COVID19 quarantine. I’m sure COVID is the reason that they are offering video visits. The only problem with visiting my brother in video mode is that Mike is nonverbal, autistic and low functioning. I […]

Fresh Scars

Today’s watercolor was painted on the sheet below yesterday’s painting, which I slashed with a razor. Those cuts sliced through to this page. This is an appropriate coincidence, since I am confronting illness in my family.  One day scars the next.


I was patiently trying to lay down a watercolor representation the medical troubles one of my loved ones is undergoing. I first tried a literal approach, making a schematic arrangement of organic shapes. This sterile approach did not satisfy my and the only thing I could think of doing that would approximate my feelings was […]

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