Interview with Sidra

Once again, my granddaughter Sidra and I set aside some time to chat about what is happening in her life. We started this just before her brother Will was born (Being a New Sibling, 6 Months Later: Being a New Sibling, Sib Interview – One Year Followup).

The Interview:

J: It’s been a while since we had an interview. What would you like to talk about?

S: Graduation.

J: That’s right, you just graduated. You’re going to middle school in September. Sorry we missed it.

S: That’s alright.

J: So tell me about it.

S: Well, the last week of school was the best week of school that I could ever imagine. And that’s not just because we didn’t really learn anything. It was because I’m so proud of myself for getting this far in school because it feels like just yesterday I was walking into kindergarten on my first day.

J: Your teacher wrote some wonderful things about you. I’m very proud of you as well. You have shown compassion and wisdom at such a young age. You should be proud of yourself for that too.

S: I am very proud of myself.

J: Tell me what you are looking forward to in middle school.

S: I’m looking forward to the lockers, gym class, science class, history and of course lunch.

J: Lunch was always a favorite subject of mine too.

S: Ha ha ha ha ha.

J: You went to science camp in December. What would you like to learn in science in the coming  school year?

S: I would like to learn about chemicals and do experiments with them because it seems really fun.

J: Yes, chemicals are really interesting. What kind of experiments?

S: Like the kind where you have to combine safe elements to make another element.

J: Interesting. Did you do experiments in science camp?

S: I don’t remember, but I’m pretty sure we didn’t.

J: What do you remember about science camp?

S: It was really fun and interesting.

J: Are your friends from elementary school going to be in your class in middle school?

S: Some of them, but not all of them. One of my really good friends is going to a different middle school but another of my really good friends is going to my middle school.

J: You make friends very easily, so I’m sure you will make a lot of good friends in middle school.

S: Yeah.

J: Change of topics: Your brother is getting older, tell me about what he is like these days.

S: He is very silly. He has learned to open doors and now he can get into our rooms.

J: That must be annoying.

S: Very.

J: What kind of games do you play with him?

S: We play tag and lot of other games.

J: I notice that he follows you around everywhere and says your name when you are not around. He must love you very much.

S: Yes.

J: That must make you feel very good.

S: It does.

J: What kind of things to you teach him?

S: I teach him what’s good and what’s bad. So he doesn’t do anything wrong or land himself in jail.

J: Jail?

S: Yes, jail.

J: You think he would end up in jail?

S: If he is very, very bad.

J: But you would let that happen, will you?

S: Nope.

J: Do you have fun with him?

S: Yes I do.

J: Tell me about it.

S: When he’s running around and being silly, it’s really funny and hilarious and fun.

J: What else?

S: He is so much like me that he’s easy to get along with.

J: If you could change anything about him, what would it be?

S: I wouldn’t change anything because he’s fine the way he is.

J: That’s great, Sidra. I know he loves you and appreciates his big sister. You are helping him to be a wonderful little boy. That’s another thing that you can be proud of yourself about.

Do you have anything else you want to say?

S: Yes I do.  I want to say thank you to everybody who made this possible.

J: Made what possible?

S: The ability to know that I’ve graduated almost a quarter of school.

J: Thanks Sidra. I love you.

S: Love you too.

Photograph: Zayde and Siddy

Zayde and Siddy

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