More Grids

I am convinced that I am on the right path to finding some design patterns to tell my story. I have been studying some of Kandinsky’s compositions and marvel at some of the small patterns he smatters across the canvas: a grid here, an eyeball there. I am sure I can make something visible about myself (to borrow a phrase from Paul Klee), if I make use of visual elements similar to those of Kandinsky. The trick, as I see it, is not to use them as alphabetical characters or pictograms, but to somehow assemble them to represent something about myself.  I have no idea about how to do that.

I started the composition below with a curvilinear grid. From the apex of the grid, I continued with another curving plane. I included circular forms and when I was done, I discovered that I had created a rough facsimile of an eye.  The image of an eye holds a lot of meaning to me. It is one of the organs which bestows attention (or not) on another individual or thing, aside from being the proverbial ‘window to the soul’.  My older brother Michael is autistic, low functioning and has never spoken. I never felt as if he paid attention to me in any way.

Watercolor: Abstract - Curvilinear Grids

Curvilinear Grids
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Block


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