Not Again

Sometimes I have trouble thinking of what to paint. Most of the time I get ideas from books I read or trying to ‘make visible’ (to borrow a phrase from the great Paul Klee) what is in my head or in my dreams. Today a family member with whom I live had to go back to […]


Paul Klee, the famous Bauhaus Master stated that the duty of an artist is not to reproduce the visible but to “make visible”. I’ve always had the ambition to paint or draw the way I am feeling. I admire Klee’s work, so I hope this is what he had in mind. Today I was feeling tangled. […]

More Grids

I am convinced that I am on the right path to finding some design patterns to tell my story. I have been studying some of Kandinsky’s compositions and marvel at some of the small patterns he smatters across the canvas: a grid here, an eyeball there. I am sure I can make something visible about […]

It’s That Time… Again

What I refer to is… Thinking about spring cleaning.  Once again, my wife Joy and I are thinking of moving south to be with the kids in the Los Angeles area. In order to do so, it would make a lot of sense to divest ourselves of possessions and ‘lighten up’. I’ve posted about this […]


I’ve been trying too hard. During the past few weeks I’ve been trying to puzzle through the creative works and teachings of Paul Klee and Hans Hofmann. I was hoping (and to some degree, expecting) to apply their principles to my own artistic expression. Klee‘s basic premise, from my readings of his Notebooks, is that the […]

What’s the Point?

Good question… My interest in studying artists like Paul Klee and Hans Hofmann is to gain a better understanding of how these artists translated their visions into visual language. One of my favorite quotes from Klee is, “An artist does not reproduce the visible, but rather, makes visible.” One of the most vexing things about […]

Physics and Chemistry

I continue to strive to explore ways to express my ideas in visual form.  My original idea was to express my feelings or emotional state, visually, but I have only been close to that point one or two times. Ideas, however, are easier. Thoughts leading up to today’s experiment: I was up early today. At […]

Fig Leaf Inspiration

There is something about fig leaves shortly after they come out in the spring. They are so…. new. They are thick, heavily veined and, when the light strikes them in just the right way, so interesting to look at, for me at least. Here is a photograph of one taken shortly after noon, just the […]

Abstract Amusement

Recently most of my posts have been about watercolor sketching. I try to experiment with it every day. I am interested in the process of creativity, with the goal of being able to visibly express emotions that I feel.  The great Paul Klee once said that “Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible.”  Yesterday […]

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