Angles and Curves

I started this study with the intent to explore the texture of this paper. It has a rough finish. I rubbed a solid stick of ultramarine blue onto the paper making an ‘L’ shape. I painted small blue and orange dots within the textured pattern formed by the strokes of dry blue paint. I used […]

Planes of Unreality

The stick figure in my composition below was inspired by Miró. On half of the paper, I incorporated my brother’s wandering eye and a freeze-frame of his hands, shown in positions where he typically held them. [Note: my older brother Michael is autistic, low functioning and nonverbal.] On the other half of the paper, divided by […]

Planes, Grids and Curves

Today is another in my grid series (see Seeking Inspiration, Abstract with Grids and Circles, Harlequin Pattern). I drew two sets of intersecting lines, hiding the vertex of one of them by the unobstructed plane formed by the other. Then I divided each into a grid of rectangles, which gradually distorted into rhombus shapes. I […]

Preparing for Paul Klee’s Leaf Study

Drawing skills In the past couple of weeks I have been concentrating on still lifes, mainly fruit (Mango Orange Guava, Grocery Store Surprise, Single Dragonfruit, Anemic Blood Orange and Korean Melon, Two Fruits and a Veggie, Symmetry). I doing so, I was practicing my powers of observation, trying to improve my brain-hand linkage to faithfully […]