Abstract 092016

I started today’s abstract with random daubs of blue watercolor. After it dried, I used lemon yellow and cadmium red light, also at random. I used charcoal to outline some of the borders of the watercolor shapes. I tried to avoid constructing any recognizable forms even though the contours suggested certain features of a head. I […]

Abstract – Membrane

A couple of splashes of liquid latex, wait, and then think of what to do.  At first I was thinking of splashing paint in the same manner as the latex and look at the interplay of the pigments and the negative (white) space left when the latex is removed. Instead, I inserted a double arc, creating […]

Paint Now, Add Title Later

Today’s watercolor experiment: I followed my, by now, standard process of starting with a blank watercolor block, adding liquid frisket, or masking fluid and shaking and shimmying (the paper) until I am satisfied with the design. Only today I took it outside. Process: I poured the frisket on my paper, probably a bit too much, […]

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