Is This Really Necessary?

I was at the hospital the other day. I took a picture of a sign in one of the step-down unit rooms. In general it is not a good idea to make assumptions but some things are very basic. Kudos to the committee that approved this sign. There is no telling how many injuries the warning […]

Toilet Retrieval System

I published another post today (see “Is This Really Necessary?”) which posed the question about the necessity of posting a sign instructing one to keep his or her hands out of the toilet. Fortunately, the above-mentioned toilet was equipped with a tool that made the use of one’s hands unnecessary. Of course, I assume this tool […]

Park Graffiti

Today’s watercolor experiment: Many years ago, shortly after I got my driving license, I took the car into New York City. It was an overstimulating experience, generating a kind of hyper vigilance. As I was making my way through the crowded streets, a man with a red day-glow flag seemed to be waving me to the […]

Cereal Box Philosophy

I’m not very big on looking for signs to guide me, being an existentialist. However, I do stop at stop signs and stop lights when I’m driving; when it’s cloudy, I say, “Looks like rain,” just like everyone else; I don’t touch the stove if the red light indicates that the element is still hot. […]