Planes, Grids and Curves

Today is another in my grid series (see Seeking Inspiration, Abstract with Grids and Circles, Harlequin Pattern).

I drew two sets of intersecting lines, hiding the vertex of one of them by the unobstructed plane formed by the other. Then I divided each into a grid of rectangles, which gradually distorted into rhombus shapes. I also varied the colors. On the right-hand plane, I painted warmer reds at the top, cooling to blues and greens at the bottom of the paper. The other plane is composed of shades of yellows and purples, with no planned spatial organization. I drew a circle to cover a good portion of the plane on the left and shaded it to give it a three-dimensional look.

Watercolor: Abstract - Planes, Grids and Curves

Planes. Curves and Grids
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Block

I was hoping that some sort of meta organization would become evident in this study. I thought that perhaps some unconscious process would reveal a deeper meaning to my grids and curves. Maybe I’ll see something if I put it aside and come back to it later.

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