Is This Really Necessary?

I was at the hospital the other day. I took a picture of a sign in one of the step-down unit rooms.

In general it is not a good idea to make assumptions but some things are very basic. Kudos to the committee that approved this sign. There is no telling how many injuries the warning sign, pictured below, helped to avoid.

Photograph: Is This Sign Really Necessary


4 thoughts on “Is This Really Necessary?

      • I’ve never seen one in any hospital I have been in. Makes you wonder. Usually something like that is posted because someone did something stupid and got hurt. I try to avoid putting my hand in my own toilet. Knowing what goes into hospital toilets…. That would be the last place on earth I would want to put my hand!

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        • Exactly. I haven’t kept up with toilet technology, but why on earth would someone install a sharp device as part of the toilet assembly? Could it be a blender, device, like a sink disposal? Maybe some maladies might cause a person’s ‘end product’ to require such a process before flushing… However, it was nice of them to supply a tool for people to use instead of hands for retrieval.

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