Etsy Shop Development: Introduction – Artist’s Statement

Yesterday I posted the first of a group of images that I plan to offer for sale in my forthcoming Etsy Shop. In the days to come, I will post more sets of images. Below is the first part of my self introduction, my Artist’s Statement, which spells out the underlying philosophy of my body […]

The Artist Reveals Himself

The photographer reveals himself in this image by virtue of the shadow of his camera in the frame. In the two dimensional world of Flatland, surely philosophers and scientists have developed theories to explain the phenomenon of transient dark patches in their world. There might be a Flatland philosopher (of an n-sided polygon class (where […]

Art Inspired by Bergsonian Time

I bought a book by Henry Bergson a couple of months back: The Creative Mind. I wanted to supplement my reading about particular creative artists (Paul Klee, Henri Matisse, Richard Diebenkorn, Willem de Kooning), with some of the philosophical underpinnings of the concept of creativity. However, I was stopped within the first few pages of […]

Art Inspired by Reading of Matisse

I’ve been reading a book my mother gave me: Henri Matisse, A Retrospective by John Elderfield, (The Museum of Modern Art 1992). When I used to visit her she had a treasure trove of art books that I would read. She usually agreed to allow me to take one with me when I left. This […]

Under the Sea

I put the blue-green interaction of bismuth yellow and Peacock blue to good use today in my representation of an under-the-sea scape. I didn’t start out with this title in mind, however. The horizontal green lines were produced by the interfaces between these yellow and blue pools of color. I obliterated some of them with […]

Is Narration a Component Abstract Painting?

I’ve always thought that to ‘abstract’ something, one condenses it into its essence. Caricaturists do this all the time when they present recognizable portraits of their subjects with prominent  features exaggerated. Most artists try to tell the truth as they see it. Visual artists do so by using color and form that represent the essence of scenes or […]

Abstract – Membrane

A couple of splashes of liquid latex, wait, and then think of what to do.  At first I was thinking of splashing paint in the same manner as the latex and look at the interplay of the pigments and the negative (white) space left when the latex is removed. Instead, I inserted a double arc, creating […]

My Analog Past

I loved doing the graffiti sketches of the past couple of months, and I’m sure I will return to more draftsman-like subjects, but for now I want to challenge myself in a different arena. Here is the basis for the art to follow: My Analog Past Everything is digital these days. These days? How about for the […]

Stunt Posters Graffiti

Today’s watercolor experiment: During my wanderings around New York City in the 1990s, when I lived there, I would sometimes find scenes that had a combination of image and information that mirrored my inner thoughts.  Perhaps such themes are omnipresent but require just the right frame of mind to see, understand and photograph. I remember the building […]

Unintended Consequences

The study I planned for today was another rendition of my ‘Break’ watercolor. Yesterday’s painting was a realization of the important visual aspects of the photograph I took during my break at work the other day. There was much more drama in that composition than in the original painting, which I thought was just a […]

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