Can’t Pay Attention

Sometimes I have trouble focusing on the book I am reading. The image below is my solution for the problem of picturing lack of concentration. The portrait is more or less conventional. I’m not sure I got the eye rolling quite right, but they certainly are not focused on the book. I wonder if there […]

More Grids

I am convinced that I am on the right path to finding some design patterns to tell my story. I have been studying some of Kandinsky’s compositions and marvel at some of the small patterns he smatters across the canvas: a grid here, an eyeball there. I am sure I can make something visible about […]

Beginning of a Personal Symbology

The suffix ‘-ology’ means, ‘the study of’. For example ‘cosmology’ means ‘study of the cosmos’, ‘biology’ means ‘study of biological phenomena’, and so on.  Today I begin studying the symbols that were and are important in my life. I want to identify the symbols from my early years that have, and continue to affect my psyche. My […]


I continue with my self portrait series in this post. In yesterday’s Big Self Portrait, I was trying to illuminate my face from the bottom. Somehow the halloweenish grotesqueness of eerie shadows eluded me, but my main goal in that sketch was to use the entire page. Today’s self portrait reigns-in the size a bit (at […]

Question: Normal Onset of Speech

I don’t normally use my blog to solicit advice, particularly about personal matters. However William, my grandson is not yet two and a half and hasn’t started talking yet. He is not self-involved; he can identify colors and objects and points to them when asked; he knows what is going on around him. He seems to use the […]

Unrequited Pet

Group home The gesture for today’s study also comes from a visit to Mike’s group home. For those of you just joining me, my older brother is autistic, very low functioning and nonverbal. Although he was home for the first 10 years of my life, that was decades ago, and yet having him as a […]

About to Hold Hands

Contact It is a real thrill to make contact.  We visited our grandchildren in October of last year. William turned 7 months old while we were there. He was quite different than when we first saw him, after he was born. Then, all he did was sleep. As I understand things, infants can’t see that […]