Five Hands

My brother Dave is an accomplished pianist. He is also deeply interested in music and its inner workings. He explained that some piano music, even though played with two hands, can have three melodies at the same time. When he played an example, I had a difficult time identifying all the themes. My study below […]

Abstract with Grids and Circles

Two of the artists I most admire (Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky) painted according to their philosophies. Kandinsky had a theory about how colors are related to shapes. I don’t recall the the associations in his theory, but perhaps the color red might be associated with a circle, blue with a square and yellow with a triangle.  He […]


I am at an impasse today.This happens a lot when I attempt to make progress in what I am learning. It is very frustrating. I am trying to understand the notebooks of Paul Klee. At least I am not alone finding Klee’s Notebooks (actually, volume 2, The Nature of Nature) understandable, yet difficult to implement. […]