I like the white on black of this sign. I also like the white-filled ‘O’ and ‘P’ that indicate failure of the ‘O’ and ‘P’ stencils. The sign itself was so long, it took up 3 spaces in my camera. If I were a little taller, I could have squared up the trapezoidal look of […]

Down-the-Stairs Icon

I saw this icon when I was at the hospital the other day. It was on some kind of vinyl material, covering a little nook in the hallway. Presumably, the emergency equipment was behind this curtain. This icon clearly summarizes the use of the going-down-the-stairs equipment. It’s quite good, in fact.  I hope that the […]

Bikon and Self Portrait

I could not resist putting myself in this snapshot. To tell the truth, it was nearly impossible to keep the camera shadow out of the shot. However, a good photograph is in part, about photography, about the photographer and of course, about the subject. In portraiture, there is interaction between the photographer and the person […]

Pre-Bikon Pavement Sign

The other day during my walk I found a sign on the side of the rode that indicated the boundaries for the bicycle lane. It was a pictorial representation of a pedal bike. I called it a ‘bikini‘. Yesterday, I found another pavement sign indicating the bike lane. I suppose it is an historic sign, […]

Self Portrait with ‘Leave Door Open’ Sign

I almost left the doctor’s office without taking a picture of the sign. It’s not the worst door instruction sign I ever saw. The worst one read: “Keep Door Closed at All Times.”  I’m on the lookout to photograph that one if I ever see it again. This one almost qualifies to be entered into […]